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Hammam is known as a “Warm House” It means spreader of warmth. It is an ancient tradition which is quite popular in Morocco and many parts of the Mediterranean but it has gradually become popular around the world.

MB (Mediterranean Beauty) Hammam Spa offers an environment of complete indulgence and calm with expert therapists personally selected for both their healing hands and calming spirits.

We have a wide range of Organic and Natural treatments such as organic facials, body wraps, massages and the signature body exfoliation treatment: Hammam.

MB Hammam Spa was established in 2005, and has since expanded its line to include a fitness gym and a hair & nail salon to give you a complete beauty, wellness and fitness package. We also sell natural organic products enriched with essential oils.

Presently, we are setting up the MB Hammam Home Service Spa. This service is not exclusive to women; it allows men have the spa experience in the comfort of their own home.

As MB Hammam continues to grow, we intend to remain a World class Spa.

Please make the most of your time with us and enjoy our special space for inner quiet and enhanced personal well being