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Organic Body Treatments


Hammam body treatment entails Saboul Beldi (Olive – oil based soap) slathed on your body for a 20 minute steam session, to open your pores and condition your skin for exfoliation.

After rinsing, a special exfoliating mitt is used to gently scrub off dead skin cells which leaves you detoxified, bright and reveals skin clarity.

Then, you are caked in Rasoul (Mineral mud from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco) for 5 minutes. Rasoul is good for your capillaries, it conditions the skin.

Rinse down: Cold salt water is used to disinfect and close the pores.

A spritz of Rosewater and Argan oil (widely known as gold oil) is sprayed. Argan oil has the highest level of Vitamin E; it has anti-aging, medicinal and healing properties. It is also a perfect anti-cellulite.

Finally, you can relax in our After- Hammam Lounge while you have a refreshing drink, take a nap or read a magazine.

MB Hammam Lounge

Hammam Body Treatment |

Basic Hammam | N15,750

Traditional Hammam (more exfoliation)| N16,800

Mixture of Akaar Fassi (poppy Flower), Henna, Honey and Moroccan Black Soap for more exfoliation to give skin clarity.

Souqla Hammam (Skin lightening)| N26,250

Herbal skin brightener that instantly leaves you radiant and glowing.

Hammam Marakech (Aromatherapy) | N15,750

Use of organic essential herbs to leave you feeling and looking refreshed.

Royal Hammam (Combo with massage)| N31,500

A royal experience that allows you to enjoy a relaxing hydrotherapy massage using rasoul, cinnamon, lavender and akaar fassi.

Ameera Hammam (Hydrating) | N26,250

Hydrating with a mixture of argan oil, corn flour and honey.

Hammam El-fassi (for Skin ailments)| N26,250

Say no to skin ailments and blemishes!!

Body Wrap Treatment |

Slimming Thalassotherapy

Using Algae to breakdown body fat for slimming and body contour.

Full arm | 78,750

Half arm | N 63,000


Leg | N 94,500

Thigh | N105,000

Abdomen area | N84,000

Shoulder | N52,500

Combo Package

* Half arm + Abdomen area + Thigh | N 189,000
* Obligatory commitment to 10 sessions. Full payment required upfront.  
* Treatment to be combined with normal exercise and a sensible diet.

Other Body Wraps|

Hydrating Full Body Wrap (mixture of Argan and Algae)| N31,500
Mixture of algae and argan oil for extreme dry skin.

Gold Body Wrap (ideal for brides) | N31,500

Chocolate/ Coffee Body Wrap  | N26,250

Helps to reduce fatty deposits, tones and silken dried and tired skin.

Ozone Oxygen Therapy | N7,350

This is the most powerful oxidizer known to man and recently the ultimate skin beautifier and health promoter.

Invigorating aromatherapy sea salt skins polish |N15,750

Thai Female Secret |N5,250

Marokindo Scrub (for sensitive skin/ skin polish) | N 12,600

Asian Post Natal Treatment |N21,000

Our post natal Treatment is designed based on Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and Malay herbal traditions. To help new mothers strengthen and fortify their bodies, soothes and calms their inner spirit and most importantly help them recover in the shortest time possible.