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She Fitexpress Gym

She Fitexpress Gym LogoShe Fitexpress Gym is a revolutionary female-focused wellness boutique with equipments specially designed and manufactured for females.

Our highly acclaimed thirteen pieces hydraulic circuit trainer equipment is scientifically proven to maximise fat loss, improve health and physical condition.

Offering a total body muscle workout in just 30 minutes which combines cardiovascular exercise and strength training, this unique exercise system is a perfect solution if you are the multi-tasking woman who is a wife, mother and/or career woman.


Benefits of registering with us:
1. You can exercise different muscle groups to get a total-body workout.

2. It is good for people who have little time to exercise. Workouts can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. You are less likely to become bored with your workout routine since you are doing a variety of exercises. 

3. You can build strength and aerobic endurance.

4. You can make your workouts as hard or as easy as you like by modifying the amount of resistance and the length of the resting intervals.

5. You can burn calories and lose weight and it lets you to be in control.

All our staff at She Fitexpress Gym are certified in CPR and basic First Aid, and our Fitness Trainers are both certified and experienced to international fitness standards so we can monitor you closely and provide you with safe and motivating supervision.

At the start of your programme and throughout your membership, you will receive our health screening and assessment which follows international standards and protocols, providing you with nutritional guidelines. So, If it's weight loss, toning and shaping or getting stronger and fitter you are looking for, She Fitexpress Gym has the perfect solution for today’s busy female who just needs 30 minutes to get into shape…. Fast!