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MB Hammam Salon

At Hair and Nail Lounge we strive to give our clients the ultimate experience in salon services.

The team at MB Hammam Spa are the best in the industry, specializing in Color, Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Ozone Hair Therapy, Braiding/Weaving, Organic Pedicure/Manicure, Organic Restorative and Hair Treatment

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

is a method of temporarily straightening hair by sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution into the hair with a hair iron.

Ozone Hair Therapy

Ozone hair therapy is known as such because it works by infusing your hair with O3 molecules, oxidizing your hair in the process. It is used not only in hair treatments but also in medicine, and claims to be able to help patients with cancer, diabetes and so on.


We specialize in all kinds of African Hair Braiding and Weaving Extensions, provides a very friendly service, done by a licensed professional.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Starting Dreadlocks


Keratin Intensive Conditioning Treatment


Dread Re-locking


Micro Bonding (with Clients piece)

N 38,000

Caucasian/ Asian Shampoo & Blow Dry

N 4,500

Argan/ Shea Butter Steaming

N 5,000

Caucasian/ Asian Hair Coloring

N 10,000

Organic manicure and Pedicure

Groom your hands and feet to perfection with our ultimate manicure and pedicure. Our outstanding technicians will buff away dead nail skin, perform expert cuticle work and a meticulous application of polish, while a bespoke selection of luxurious balms, creams, scrubs and argan oil will condition, soften and restore your hands and feet.
Organic Manicure | N 2,500
Organic Pedicure | N 3,000

Other Services
Organic Restoration  
Hair Treatment